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Pioneering companies in the ECO3 area

Yara Eco Ltd.

Yara Eco is an environmentally responsible company in the circular economy advancing nutrient and material efficiency. Yara Eco processes products from industrial side flows for forestry and agriculture, construction and environmental care. The company has a factory producing organic fertilisers and recycled materials for construction in the ECO3 area.

Karpin Käsittely Ltd.

Karpin Käsittely receives and processes wood refuse, natural materials, demolition debris as well as packaging and energy materials. Karpin Käsittely has recycling centres in the ECO3 area in Nokia and Orivesi. The company also offers demolition services and sells recycled rock from concrete and brick waste left for building roads and other sites.

Leppäkoski Group

Leppäkoski is a versatile energy company providing electricity, district heat, natural gas and other energy solutions.

The group consists of the parent company Leppäkoski Group Oy and its fully-owned subsidiaries.

The Pirkanmaa Forestry Management Association

The Pirkanmaa Forestry Management Association (Metsänhoitoyhdistys Pirkanmaa) helps forest owners in the Tampere region, promoting forest owners’ interests at the municipal, regional and EU level. A 30 hectare biomass terminal will be located in the ECO3 area, which will provide a centralised anchor area for the distribution and processing of wood-based materials to satisfy the needs of the energy industry.

Molok Ltd.

Molok is an international company known for developing the Deep Collection method to collect different waste materials efficiently and ecologically. Molok has also developed a new concept called Block Collection, in which recycling containers are brought close to users in single family housing areas. Molok operates close to the ECO3 area in Nokia and is a part of the value chain for the companies in the area.

MV Betoni Ltd.

MV Betoni is a ready-mixed concrete factory operating in the ECO3 area that delivers ready-mixed concrete for companies and private customers. Concrete products are manufactured from raw natural gravel using an ecological method while also considering customers’ needs.


KUMEKO Group’s forest services produce high-quality wood chips for large industrial boilers in heating and power plants and for agricultural needs. We also supply saw-timber and pulpwood to the sawmill and process industries. KUMEKO Group is building a new fuelwood terminal and treatment area in the ECO3 area.

Asfalttikallio Ltd.

NCC Group divested its Finnish asphalt business to the Finnish based company Asfalttikallio Ltd. In the ECO3 area, Asfalttiokallio has a quarry and the company delivers rock materials for various building sites and road works. Asfalttikallio also produces “green asphalt”, which reduces carbon emissions by 15–25 % during asphalt production compared to conventional methods.

Nokeval Ltd.

Nokeval develops measuring technology, hardware and software solutions to meet the needs of the urban environment. In the ECO3 value chain, Nokeval offers a number of IoT-solutions for comprehensive condition monitoring in various locations.

Nokian Vesi Ltd.

Nokian Vesi is a company owned by City of Nokia that takes care of water and wastewater systems. Nokian Vesi is building a new wastewater treatment plant that processes silt produced in Nokia. The wastewater treatment plant is one of the anchoring businesses in the ECO3 area.

Tampere Regional Solid Waste Management Ltd.

Tampere Regional Solid Waste Management Ltd. handles legally required waste management services for 17 municipalities in the Tampere region. The company is a central anchoring business in the ECO3 area. Its waste treatment centre, together with its bio plant (currently under construction), create a remarkable business environment for the circular economy in the area.

Reon Ltd.

Reon processes and refines ground material, concrete, brick, asphalt, construction and demolition refuse as well as ashes and metals. Reon is building a new treatment plant in the ECO3 area.

Revisol Ltd.

Revisol is a company, specialised in the circular economy that processes various types of refuse for recycling, refinement and energy. Revisol has a new construction waste treatment plant located in the ECO3 area.

Stena Recycling Ltd.

Stena Recycling is part of the Swedish Stena Metall Group. Stena Recycling has approximately 200 plants in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland and Poland. Stena collects, refines and recycles iron and metal waste in the ECO3 area.

Tampereen Hyötypaalaus Ltd.

Tampereen Hyötypaalaus specialises in handling recycled materials from retail trade and industry. In the ECO3 area, Tampereen Hyötypaalaus has a recycling plant for receiving and handling plastics, cardboard and paper. Materials are processed and delivered for further use in different fields of industry.

Tramel Ltd.

Tramel is specialised in collecting and processing scrap metal and electrical and electronic appliances and machinery. Tramel re-utilises devices and their parts, refining materials responsibly to be used as raw materials for new products. Tramel is building a processing plant in the ECO3 area.

WasteWise Group

WasteWise receives recycled materials, primarily industrial rubber sideflows and refines them into recycled products for the chemical industry, lining courts and excavation. The company’s production plant is located in the ECO3 area.