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ECO3 is a bio and circular economy pioneer

ECO3 is a unique bio and circular economy business area located at the Kolmenkulma Eco-Industrial Park in Nokia. Only a few years after beginning operations, the area has become a hub of national expertise.

The core of ECO3’s industrial activity is in forming companies who develop business based on the nutrient cycle, the wood-based circular economy, bioenergy and fuel, and technical cycles.

Through Verte Ltd., the City of Nokia’s development company, we’re able to cooperate with ECO3 businesses by dividing resources, sharing concepts and services, and offering joint visibility domestically and abroad.

Broad cooperation in circular economy

Through a loose collective of independent businesses, ECO3 has managed to cross traditional industry boundaries to create a new business ecosystem where one company’s waste is another’s commodity. We’re working together to develop our businesses on an industrial scale – ECO3 companies call it “industrial symbiosis.”

To stay one step ahead, we’re sure to keep up with the most current research. That’s why the ECO3 area also works as a demonstration and pilot environment, which we’ve developed together with domestic and international businesses and universities.

ECO3’s name is a reference to its location in Kolmenkulma, at the intersection between Nokia, Tampere, and Ylöjärvi. The area is located in Finland’s growth corridor, at the junction of main roads 3, 11 and 12 – just a ten-minute drive to Tampere airport.

Let’s put our heads together to find your company’s place in ECO3.

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  • 120 hectares
  • Zoned for industrial, warehousing, and office buildings
  • Located at the junction of main roads 3 and 11, a ten-minute drive to the Tampere-Pirkkala airport
  • Finland’s second largest economic area
  • A concentration of industrial expertise
  • Two-thirds of Finland’s national GDP located within a 2-3-hour drive


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