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NCC quarries, crushes and recycles rock materials

NCC Group is highly familiar with the ECO3 area, having begun quarrying and crushing rock in the area in 2006. Now, in addition to the rock material business, NCC is making asphalt in the ECO3 area and testing how recycled materials can be used in asphalt.

A trial was conducted in collaboration with Ecolan Ltd. to compare the differences between virgin and recycled materials when asphalt is made. The trial arose in the ECO3 area’s consortium of companies, in which NCC plays an active role.

Growing demand for sustainable solutions

Consumers are increasingly aware of the impacts of their choices. When the demand for sustainable construction rises, more products are needed, such as recycled rock materials made by crushing concrete. NCC addresses rapid shifts in the market by continually developing its business. The company strives to reduce the environmental impact of industry and develop sustainable, cost-efficient methods for the future.

Since 2012, NCC has safeguarded the biodiversity of its rock material areas, in addition to taking action as required by the environmental permits for its operations. Thanks to NCC’s Kielo programme, a rare type of drooping woodreed is being protected in the ECO3 area by enhancing the conditions required for it to grow and eliminating competing plants.

NCC is one of the leading construction, property development and infrastructure companies in the Nordic region. Its operations also include offering building materials, and surfacing and maintaining roads.