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The nutrient cycle means sustainable business for the environment

We are deeply involved in the nutrient cycle. Agricultural by-products, crops and biomass, forestry-based products, the food industry and municipal waste create raw materials that form the basis both for the ECO3 area’s new industrial activities and its overarching systems.

We are especially focused on developing nutrient cycles in the agricultural and food industry. We’re looking for companies that could benefit each other in related industrial activities.

Tampere Regional Solid Waste Management Ltd., which will open a new biogas plant to the ECO3 area in 2023, handles the biowaste of 17 municipalities alongside the city of Nokia’s sewage. Biowaste and sludge are handled separately within the facility, enabling the further processing of biowaste into organic fertiliser containing high levels of nitrogen and phosphorous.

We can scale our cooperative models and added value production to an industrial scale in Finland and globally.