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Circular economy research institutes and researchers help develop the ECO3 area and ecosystem

From the outset, we have paired the ECO3 area’s activities with research – a decision that has formed a strong foundation for the entire concept. We perform business pilots, demonstrations and operate in close collaboration with research institutes. These institutes are also represented in our business consortium.

ECO3 is an excellent platform to maintain an open dialogue between industry and research. Together, we can make forge new paths in research, education, and practical collaboration. We investigate a range of subjects from the perspective of industry as we search for the best starting points for a profitable circular economy. For example, we’ve studied the possibilities to use bio-based carbon dioxide in industrial production or how to produce solar energy in the area.

Natural Resources Institute LUKE

Natural Resources Institute LUKE is a research and consulting organisation that advances the sustainable use of natural resources as well as the bio- and circular economy. LUKE produces tailored research, development and consultant services and solutions based on research and asessments on economic and ecological sustainability regarding large-scale systems, new concepts and symbioses as well as assessments of carbon and environmental footprints of products.

Tampere University

Tampere University gathers research-based knowledge and competence to benefit society, combining natural sciences, technology and business. The university’s research on the circular economy develops circular economy ecosystems and processes that improve energy and eco-efficiency, renew materials, preserve natural resources and reduce emissions. Research is applied at the molecular level as well as to large scale processes.

The microbiological analysis methods used by the Environmental Health Research Group make it possible to verify the hygienic quality of bio- and circular economy fractions.

Tampere University’s Research Centre Terra

The mission of Research Centre Terra is to produce new research-based knowledge for the benefit of Finnish society enabling safe construction and utilisation as well as lifecycle-efficient maintenance of different types of infrastructures belonging to the built environment. These infrastructures include e.g. roads, railways, environmental structures, structures of sports and recreational areas, yards and foundation engineering structures.

VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd

VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland is the leading technology research centre, developing innovative, resource efficient city concepts as well as solutions together with its partners. VTT develops and produces technology and concepts based on utilising natural resources and environmental solutions.

Other cooperation partners

We network extensively in Finland and internationally. For this work, we need strong partners.

Baltic Sea Action Group

Baltic Sea Action Group is an independent non-profit foundation established in Finland to bring together political decision-makers and public actors – as well as private and third sector actors – to protect the Baltic Sea.

Business Finland

Business Finland (including Invest in Finland) is an accelerator of global growth that creates new growth by supporting companies to go global, as well as funding innovations.

Business Tampere

Business Tampere is a regional business and development company focused on attracting skilled workers to the region while promoting investment and creating the best possible setting for business in Tampere. Circular economy is one of Business Tampere’s business ecosystems.

Cireco Finland Ltd.

Cireco Finland is a new kind of developer and builder for the circular economy. Cireco Finland is developing infrastructure construction and regional development in accordance with circular economy principles by providing versatile project management services to companies and the public sector. In addition, the company aims to introduce into the sector joint public and private sector projects focusing on construction that complies with the circular economy.

Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment (ELY Centre)

Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment collects information on the state of regional business life, environment, employment and infrastructure and anticipates economic trends. Its goal is to support regional decision making by improving the knowledge base behind decisions. ELY Centre in Tampere region is invested in developing the circular economy.

Photo: Visit Tampere/Laura Vanzo

The Central Union of Agricultural Producers and Forest Owners (MTK)

The Central Union of Agricultural Producers and Forest Owners (MTK) is an interest organisation representing farmers, forest owners and rural entrepreneurs in Finland. Strong and unified, MTK is an active influencer on the market and in society. MTK has a significant role in developing the ECO3 area.

Council of Tampere Region

The Council of Tampere Region offers a platform for municipal and state cooperation to ensure functional everyday life, work and well-being. The Council acts as a development and planning authority, conducting research and analyses for the region. It advances the circular economy and advocates against climate change, both of which require cooperation and action from all actors in the Tampere region.

Photo: Visit Tampere/Laura Vanzo

The Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra

Sitra, the Finnish Innovation Fund, is a public foundation dedicated to researching and promoting a sustainable future. Together with their partners, Sitra conducts open-minded trials and reforms with the goal of putting Finland at the forefront of future wellbeing. In 2016, Sitra published the world’s first circular economy road map to 2025.