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Tampere Regional Solid Waste Management combating climate change

Tampere Regional Solid Waste Management Ltd. is a key anchor company in the ECO3 area, and its operations are also supported by several other organisations. The company has operated in the area for almost 25 years, initially using it as a landfill site.

Tampere Regional Solid Waste Management receives and processes various types of waste in the ECO3 area. Customers can use waste and weighing stations, bio sludge is composted, and a new processing plant for biowaste is under construction. The biogas plant will be commissioned in 2020, and it will handle biowaste from 17 municipalities, as well as sludge from the wastewater treatment plant in Nokia. The plant will process biowaste and sludge on dedicated lines, so that biowaste can be further refined into organic fertiliser, thereby ensuring a high standard of nitrogen and phosphorus nutrient circulation.

The plant will process 34,000 tonnes of biowaste and sludge every year (24,000 tonnes per annum of biowaste and 10,000 tonnes per annum of sludge). Most of the bio sludge will come from Nokian Vesi’s new wastewater treatment plant, which is due for commissioning in 2022.

Tampere Regional Solid Waste Management collaborates with several operators in the area, and its next goal is to attract a partner to the area with an interest in processing the final rejects.

Local operations, global impact

As Tampere Regional Solid Waste Management is a local business, it has not set its sights on international markets. Despite this, it aims to address worldwide problems. Tampere Regional Solid Waste Management’s goal is to set a template as a bold reinventor of thought processes, but – above all – as a producer of reliable information. In the future, it aims to conduct research on topics such as carbon dioxide recovery and climate change mitigation.

Tampere Regional Solid Waste Management is a company jointly owned by 17 municipalities providing waste management services for 440,000 residents. The company believes that the most effective weapon in the fight against a climate crisis is to get down to business.