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Revisol develops waste sorting

Revisol Ltd. is a diverse circular economy company, which sorts and processes different types of waste. The company has invested in a new recycling plant in the ECO3 area, and production started in autumn 2019.

Revisol receives waste materials from companies and, in Nokia, it will first process energy and wood-based materials before expanding its operations with a sorting line. When Revisol’s operations in the ECO3 area are fully up to speed, it will have 20–30 employees.

More valuable waste components

Revisol’s operations are backed by its in-house metal workshop, where it is easy to test various processes quickly and cost-efficiently. The company aims to develop its processes further, so that waste sorting gives rise to ever smaller and more valuable components that are easier to utilise.

Thanks to its flat organisational structure, Revisol is a flexible and adaptable company, which can mould itself to various circular economy requirements. Its plans include productising components.

Revisol aims to identify partners in the ECO3 area and work with them to plan shared processes. It plans to work with the companies in the area and take part in the activities of the company consortium.

The ECO3 area is the gateway to the Tampere region

The Tampere region – particularly the western part of the region – is a superb operating area for Revisol because the company’s other sites are in Ilmajoki, Vaasa and Kaskinen. Good transport connections to Ostrobothnia make the ECO3 area ideal for the company’s operations.