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Stena Recycling’s business grows in the ECO3 area

Stena Recycling Ltd., a specialist in waste collection and sorting, has a site in the ECO3 area where it receives metal, electrical, electronic and hazardous waste from its business partners. Pirkanmaa is an important operating area for Stena, so it also aims to strengthen in the ECO3 area.

Stena began operating in Nokia in 2007. It often starts up new business locations in old buildings, but an entirely new service unit was built for the ECO3 area. The premises also allow for future growth.

Stena’s operations are based on service agreements under which the company handles its customers’ waste components. The foundation for this is a joint agreement on what is recycled and how it is recycled. After this, all the customer needs to do is ensure that its waste gets to the collection point. A trusting relationship benefits both parties. As recycling and various requirements are constantly changing, experts play a more critical role.

Stena’s door is open for cooperation – and visitors

The circular economy is part of the sharing economy. It means that we do not need to do everything ourselves – instead, machinery and equipment could be shared with others in the future. Aspirations include arranging open days among companies. Visitors are also welcome to come and find out more about the company.

Stena has 14 sites in Finland, 12 of which receive companies’ waste components – operating as service units – one contains only a production plant, and the Finnish headquarters is in Vantaa.