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Tampere Hyötypaalaus is a hub of material streams

Tampere Hyötypaalaus Ltd. specialises in processing recycled materials from retail trade and industry. The company is building a new plant area for receiving and processing plastics, cardboard and paper in the ECO3 area.

The baling line, logistics area and office premises are designed to allow for expansion to meet the needs of the coming decade. The recycling plant receives recyclable materials from retail chains and industrial operators. Materials are processed by a large baler and delivered onwards for further use in various industrial sectors in highly refined components. Large bales are a cost-efficient and environmentally friendly way of transporting various materials for further processing.

Efficient logistics and collaboration

Tampere Hyötypaalaus offers logistics services for companies in the paper industry, taking responsibility for storing recycled materials and delivering materials to paper mills at the right time. Strong transport connections to the coast were a key factor in the location of the new recycling plant. As much as 90% of the recycled cardboard and paper from the Greater Helsinki and Pirkanmaa recycling areas ends up in Pori. Strong connections to all fibre mills in Finland ensure the continuity of operations in the future.

The companies in the ECO3 area jointly promote the circular economy and collaborate extensively, and this is highly compatible with the way that Tampere Hyötypaalaus works. The company has a distinctive way of standing out from the crowd: collaboration with everyone. This means that competitors can also become partners, and the door is always open for discussions of new ideas.