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Tramel’s recycling plant for electrical and metallic waste will be completed in 2020

Tramel Ltd. collects and processes metallic waste as well as electrical and electronic devices in an environmentally friendly way. The company is building a modern recycling plant, which is due for completion in 2020 in the ECO3 area. The new premises will include at least a set of information security crushers, and it may also include other equipment for processing waste such as domestic appliances.

When the new recycling plant is completed, Tramel will have 5–10 employees in the ECO3 area. In the future, the company is planning to develop its processes with a focus on further refinement, so it will need new employees. Tramel currently employs a total of 50 people.

Efficient logistics ensure a steady flow of materials

Tramel offers its recycling services to producer organisations, companies, communities and households around Finland. Tramel chose to set up in the ECO3 area due to its excellent location, as the good transport links ensure effective shipments. The construction boom in the Tampere area also provided plenty of decommissioned material for recycling.

Tramel aims to develop global trade and a European sales network for material products. It also has its sights set on the highly competitive Swedish market.

Good partnerships underpin growth

Tramel began collaborating with companies in the ECO3 area in 2018.

– All the foundations were in place for us to operate, but the activity of the ECO3 company consortium was a pleasant surprise. Our collaboration is active and always positive, says Harri Niukkanen, the Managing Director.

– Our operations are driven by the values of transparency and openness – this is the only way to offer fair, high-quality service. Thanks to long-lasting partnerships, every door is open. If we install a wide range of other recycling equipment in our new premises in addition to the information security crushers, we may open up business opportunities for other companies.